Gift Shop


Congratulations! You've made it to the gift shop. I engage in a variety of different activities that are related to my work, but are out of pocket expenses not covered by the various universities where I have worked (e.g., department conference logo design, pattern design). In some cases, I have to pay for products that my work does not pay for, but I use these products for my research and service work (e.g. annual licensing for the Adobe Suite). If you would like to see the products that I have created, please feel free to visit my Gattacho gift shops. All of the designs in the gift shop have been made by me and I get a commission when you purchase a product.

Gattacho Stores

Gattacho's Threadless: Purchase mugs, pencil bags, cell phone cases, and even rainbow IPA shoes!

Black IPA rainbow shoes

White IPA rainbow mug

Gattacho's Spoonflower: Have you been bitten by the creative bug and want to make your own rainbow IPA bag? You can purchase the fabric to do so here!

White IPA rainbow laptop bag

Green IPA chart handkerchief

Not interested in making your own swag but like the design? You can also purchase select IPA items. I ordered my own IPA rainbow bed set..